CIFAS provides the UK’s most comprehensive databases of confirmed fraud data, as well as an extensive range of fraud prevention services, using the latest technology to protect organizations from the effects of fraud.

300 organizations from the public and private sectors share fraud information through CIFAS in order to prevent further fraud. They include those from the banking, grant giving, credit card, asset finance, retail credit, mail order and online retail, insurance, savings, telecommunications, factoring, share dealing, vetting agencies, contact centre and insurance sectors.

There are two CIFAS databases:

The National Fraud Database (sharing data in the areas of identity crimes and first party frauds, committed both by individuals and by companies) and…

The Internal Fraud Database (which seeks to prevent individuals dismissed for committing fraud and theft from moving unchallenged to a new and unsuspecting employer).

CIFAS also provides information, advice and a service called Protective Registration to members of the public who are at increased risk of falling victim to fraud.

In the last 5 years, participating organizations have reported fraud savings of billions of pounds through the use of CIFAS. Over 200,000 frauds are added to the databases each year, so CIFAS is a deterrent. It is not easy to defraud participating organizations and fraudsters know this.

We hold data securely. Our databases are hosted securely by CGI IT UK Ltd and CIFAS is a Specified Anti-Fraud Organization under the Serious Crime Act 2007 which provides a specific legal gateway for public/private sector data sharing.

The system is proven. It is helping to prevent and detect fraud today and can do the same for your organization.