There are many skeletons in the closets of people you may come into contact with, or expose your children or business to. Finding these skeletons with the help of a background check can provide protection for your business, family, and reputation. The top 10 reasons to perform a background check may surprise you, as well as help you be informed and protected.

A friendly face and good references don’t amount to what they used to. Many employers, parents, organizations, and various other entities have been burned by relying solely on such factors. Con artists walk among us as babysitters, coworkers, volunteers, students, litigants, tenants, and even significant others.

However, with the help of a background check, you can discover the skeletons in someone’s closet before they fall out and cause harm. These are the top ten reasons to perform a background check on someone you may be involved with.

1. Pre-employment Screening

Perhaps one of the most common reasons to perform a background check on someone is for potential employment. This practice has become standard in many industries. Employers should know the history of people they are hiring. This will help protect their assets and their other employees and shareholders.

Avoiding workplace violence and embezzlement are just a couple benefits of pre-employment background checks. Pre-employment background checks are a low-cost and quick way for employers to make the hiring process easier, safer, and more effective.

2. Protect You, Your Children and Family

Perhaps even more important and personal, is protecting yourself and your loved ones. Whether it is in the hiring of a nanny, babysitter, housekeeper, or even just checking out a potential Boy Scout leader or coach, background checks can give you piece of mind that your family is protected.

You can use a background check to reveal or verify important information about anyone who may be working in your home, such as a contractor or house sitter, as well as anyone who may be near your children or working with them, such as a neighbor, priest, or teacher. Though there is no way to guarantee that your children are 100 percent safe, using a background check can give you the confidence that you have done everything you can to make sure they are protected.

3. Serious Relationships

However sad it may be, we have reached a day in age where it is important to know the background of potential significant others. With the rise in online dating and minimal knowledge about someone’s personal life, background checks can give you the missing puzzle pieces you need to make a wise decision about your relationship.

Wealthy and affluent people in the dating realm are especially likely to perform a background check in order to protect their wealth and assets against any con artist posing as a potential partner. With online and out of state relationships the potential for people pretending to be who they are not is more likely than ever before.

4. Litigation

When a case is brought before the court, attorneys can arm themselves with information contained in background checks. This can help to expose the potential ulterior motives or reasons behind a lawsuit. Background checks can give an attorney vital information to help expose the truth and refute any purported facts or testimony in a legal case.

5. Rental Purposes

Renting or leasing your property can be an excellent way to earn some extra money. However, if you hand over your keys to the wrong people, this investment can be detrimental to nearly every aspect of your life. That is why most landlords and leasing agents perform background checks on potential tenants.

Trusting someone by their looks, job, or income alone can be costly. Background checks can help protect your property and your investment. They can protect you from disruptive, unruly, and even criminal behavior of tenants.

6. College Acceptance

Academics are a large part of what makes up a college. However, a college is only as reputable and trustworthy as the sum of its students. For this reason, many colleges and universities are now performing background checks on their applicants. Taking such an action can cut down on criminal behavior on campus, such as drug abuse, rape, vandalism, and theft. Students can feel safer and more confident knowing that their colleagues have been screened with a background check prior to admission into the school.

7. Police and Private Investigator

Background checks can give the police and private investigators the pieces of the puzzle necessary to build a case against someone for a variety of different reasons. Both types of entities routinely run background checks on the people that are under investigation.

Law enforcement and local police departments can use background checks to delve into the criminal history of alleged victims and criminals. This information can be vital to solving crimes and even finding perpetrators.
Private investigators can also use background checks to help uncover important clues as to why someone is doing what they are doing or where they might be.

8. Investing

An investment broker’s background check is an important part of making an investment. Oftentimes people make the mistake of investing a large amount of money with someone they do not know, only to have it backfire on them.

Unfortunately, some investment brokers are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They look very nice and knowledgeable on the outside, but on the inside they are only out to scam you out of as much money as they possibly can. Performing a background check prior to investing your money with a broker will bring up issues that you may need to be aware of before putting your livelihood and money at risk.

9. Personal Reasons

There are also many personal reasons for someone to perform a background check. These reasons can include buying land or a business, or even performing a warrant search. A background investigation can be especially important when purchasing a business.

In America and all over the world, companies have histories and reputations, just like people do. A due diligence background investigation can also be helpful when considering a project or joint venture with another business. Performing such a check protects the investors and the investment and can give you piece of mind that you are making the right business decision.

10. Find a Phone Number or Other Information

Finally, background checks can also be performed in order to find simple information. With a simple background check you can find phone number or possibly an address for a business or a long lost friend or relative.